Boost subscribers to YouTube

Boost subscribers to YouTubeGreetings, dear readers. In today's article I will tell you how to wind up views on Youtube for free and, at the same time, not get banned. I have already come across those who commit various stupid things and, then, suffer from various sanctions from YouTube and Google - I want to save you from this.

What do YouTube views give?

You have already noticed that the volume of video content on the Internet has grown many times over in recent years. Previously, its distribution was limited to low speeds and expensive traffic, now in every village people watch clips and films via the Internet. By the way, if you still do not know how to use your clips on the Internet, then read my article How to upload a video to YouTube ?, where I described everything in detail.

The largest video hosting Youtube, today is on the 3rd place in the world among the most popular sites (according to alexa.com). Its audience is huge and taking a bite of it for every internet entrepreneur is an attractive idea.

I can't say what video will replace or replace in the near future, since text materials would be much more practical, but the popularity of video is growing and we can use it to promote our business. Video allows us to get both direct customers and transitions to the pages of the sites we need. If the video is done correctly, then each material posted on the site will be a kind of advertising page. The traffic statistics of my blog at the moment show that the share of traffic from video hosting is 16.6% - this is a considerable figure.

Services for boosting views on YouTube

For more adequate people, I recommend winding up views in clever ways that mimic people's real interest in videos. It is unrealistic to do this at home, you need to use special services. Their working principle is similar - many people watch each other's videos. Those who feel sorry for money, but do not feel sorry for the time watching videos on barter, for whom time is expensive, they pay for others to watch their videos. With these services you can buy real youtube views.

Again, according to my observations, the traffic from this site is very targeted, those people who have watched my videos already understand what awaits them on my blog, what topics I touch on and go only if they are interested. This reduces the number of bounces, visitors look at many pages and read articles for a long time, thereby improving the behavioral factors that search engines have been working so diligently to analyze recently.

You probably guess that promotion is not a natural process, that is, you are artificially trying to present your video as more authoritative than it really is. As is the case with conventional search engines, YouTube does not welcome such manipulations - you are deceiving the service. Therefore, if the video is “caught” for cheating, then you can receive sanctions, up to the ban of account.

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